Release 115: Beacons and Trading Now Live

Today we’re releasing the first version for player placeable and controlled Beacons ( It’s a Christmas miracle!

‘Should I Buy Boundless? The Game’ a text adventure!

We get asked, and see the question “should I buy Boundless now?” a lot. If you see

Release 114: Render and worlds update

Sorry fellow Oortians! The servers are going down for about 3 hours on Monday, Nov 16th so

Oort Online has become… Boundless

Oort Online has become… Boundless Today we’re excited to announce that Oort Online has become Boundless! About

Lighting changes and bug fixes. Release 113

New Features: Block lights now have a quadratic falloff, and have their luminance and spread reduced when

Update 112 Creatures, Characters (+ Q&A!)

So you might have noticed update 112 has been a while in the making, and that’s because

Hotfix. Release 111

Fixes: Fix for some lighting bugs on inverted slopes and wedge shapes. Fix for block breaking effect

Hotfix. Release 110.8

Fixes: Fix for shader compiling errors on some GPU’s causing no blocks to render. Fix grappling hook

Inverted Slopes Update. Release 110

New Features: Added inverted slopes. To create an inverted slope use the chisel on the bottom of

Charger Creature Update. Release 109

New Features: Added a new creature type. These rare aggressive creatures will chase you and charge at