News: Welcome to Oort Online and Wonderstruck

We’re Wonderstruck, and it’s launch day for our new goalfunding project, Oort Online. This is just the first step in a journey that will hopefully lead to the creation of a new universe that millions of players will enjoy for years to come.

We’re excited to share the development of this project, and we’ll be updating this News section on a daily basis with new features, information, videos, images, news and other fun stuff. If you want to see something in particular, leave a comment below or post to the forum and we’ll try and post it here.

We hope to see you in the universe of Oort Online!

– Wonderstruck

4 thoughts on “News: Welcome to Oort Online and Wonderstruck

  1. This game has just caught my eye and i will continue to watch it as it develops. When more information on this game becomes available i might put my money into your game. Until then i cant wait to see what happens with this game.

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