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      I read that i can pay monthly for private server. But it’s still not clear, can i host the servers myself on my own machines? Or you will be the only one server providers?
      It would be nice too see a game with ability to host private servers and create mods for it. Just like minecraft.


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      Hello Azarus,

      Hopefully we will have more details about what you mentioned early next year. We will do our best to accommodate the community’s needs.

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      We’re planning to offer 3 levels:

      1. Official Oort Online MMO. These worlds make up the MMO that everyone can play in.

      2. Player Oort Online Worlds. Player created private (and semi private) worlds. We will host these for you and run the vanilla Oort Online game logic. You craft and sculpt the world. You control access. Your world. Your rules.

      3. Independent Servers. We provide the servers for players, modders and server hosts to deploy their own instance. You can mod these. Privately host them. (But they will obviously be disconnected from the main MMO.)

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      So basically there will be no privately hosted server software we can host on our own machines?

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        That’s #3 – Independent Server.

        You take a server software and run it yourself. Mod it. Control it. Craft it.

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      its the same with most games, I host a 7d2d private server via pure pings. I am sure as the game develops the hosting will be clearer for everyone who wants to run their own server.

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      I’m going to make a post in the next couple of days that carefully explains the plans for servers, etc. So if you have any questions – ask them now here – and I’ll make sure to include answers where possible.

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      First forum I entered in and got the answer fed directly to me nice job community , I mean it. 🙂

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      The devs of this game particularly, along with the small amount of active contributors to the community, are extremely helpful.

      I don’t think a single question has been asked that didn’t receive a reply from the devs directly in response to a question, or to confirm/deny any community members answers to a given question.

      As long as this Dev keeps up, I’ll constantly throw money at em for any title they make (within my interest of course) because of how they keep in direct and consistent communication with the community.

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      Thanks for the nice comments. It’s really appreciated. Brightens up the day a little more.

      And if you want to checkout another game we just this moment launched take a look at:

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      Thanks for offering to clear some things up. I’d like to know as much as possible about each option, especially #3, the private hosting option.

      Will there be a monthly or recurring cost for playing Oort Online MMO (corporate hosted) or Oort private hosted?

      Will the private server software option run natively on Linux based systems?

      Will the private server software be capable of running multiple worlds simultaneously (assuming you have the hardware) or will I need 1 server OS per 1 world of Oort?

      Can private servers running Oort worlds connect (via portals) to other servers / worlds?


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      James, please update the main Oort Online FAQ when you make your post. Thanks for adding clarity. The private server option is the one that I will use with my family / friends.

      The main FAQ page says:

      Q: Is Oort Online going to be free-to-play?

      A: No, Oort Online is a pay-to-play product. Pay once and you’ll get access to the game and all public servers. If you want to host your own World/Server there will be monthly subscriptions available in the future, but they’re entirely optional.

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        Yes that FAQ is a little miss leading.

        That is really referring to solution #2 – where we offer to host a world for you.

        Option #3 is not part of this – I’ll make sure it’s tidied up.

        (Thanks for your patience.)

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