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Feature: Top Oort Online videos of the week!

Time for a new update featuring the best Oort Online videos of the week! If you want to

News: Results of the 1st Feature Vote are in

Many thanks to everyone for responding to our first feature vote and backer survey. The information you

News: 1st Feature Vote & Feedback survey is live

We have sent out the first Feature Vote & Feedback survey to get your opinion on what you

Q: Where can I get help?

A: If you are having any issues with anything from the website, payments, getting access to the

Crafting II

Power your creations and automate your claim.

Portals & Warps

Craft your own Warps and Portals and instantly travel across the world, or between worlds.

Farming I

Collect seeds, plants and animals and start a farm. Grow food and resources to help you survive.

Crafting I

Collect resources and use them to create items through the experiment mechanics.

Economy I

Earn gold from defeating creatures and use it to buy and sell resources and items to other

Q: Will I be able to mod Boundless?

A: We’re currently coming up with different ways that we can work with the modding community. If