News: Results of the 1st Feature Vote are in

Many thanks to everyone for responding to our first feature vote and backer survey. The information you provided will help us shape Oort Online into the best game possible. We’re still looking through the data and reading all the valuable comments. We plan to publish a summary of the survey trends in the next few days. Now the important bit.

The results are in and the next feature to be funded and developed will be …

Crafting I – Collect resources and use them to create items through the experiment mechanics.

There was an overwhelming majority of backers selecting the first iteration of crafting. Interestingly many people also wanted beacons but commented that this wasn’t as important whilst the game was still in early access. Mercifully everyone currently playing the game are being well behaved and there is almost zero griefing.

The break down was:

  • 74% : Crafting I
  • 11% : Beacons
  • 8% : Portals & Warps
  • 7% : Farming I

Look for an update on the Crafting design to come next week from Ben. But before then, if you have any ideas about the crafting system get on the forums and let us know.

Rob – Wonderstruck Designer