Bow & Arrow and Ambient Creature Update. Release 106

New Features:

  • Added our first creature type. These creatures can be found wandering around in the wild and are mostly harmless unless you annoy them. They are using placeholder art and animation for the moment.
  • Added new weapon: Bow and Arrow. Bows can be crafted with Timber and Sticks. Arrows can be crafted with Sticks and Stones. Bows now replace the slingshot and can be fired much long distances. Bows can also be charged up to fire further by holding down the fire button. They can hurt other players in PvP areas and will also hurt the local wildlife. If you are going to annoy the new local inhabitants you better be ready for the consequences!
  • New weapon loading. You can now manually add ammo to weapons by dragging and dropping it on top. This replaces the automatic reloading and allows you to associate more ammo with a weapon. You can load up the bow with exactly the number of arrows you want and store arrows in piles in your inventory or quick-use bar.
  • New damage system. The underlying damage system has had a major overhaul. The different types of damage the players/creatures can take is now in discrete chunks of hurt instead of continous pain. The new system allows us to do more interesting things with damage in the future. It should also mean that getting hurt is a much more predictable affair, allowing you to push your luck that little bit further! This update includes, but is not limited to the following types of damage: falling, impact, weapons, lava, drowning, creatures.
  • New SFX for combat: There are new particle and audio SFX for weapons and damage to give you a better idea of when you hurt or get hurt by another creature or player. There are also new sound effects for the bow when you fire it and charge it.
  • New icons for tools: The tools now have new icons in the inventory and quick-use bar to go with the bow and arrow icons.


  • Fix for incorrect sound effects being played for other players.
  • Light not filtering through translucent blocks, e.g. tree leaves.
  • Fix for server crash when a player spawns inside a door.
  • Fix for lighting of flowers when smooth normals is turned on.
  • Fix for flower meshes incorrectly floating.