Crafting prototype and more. Release 100 / 101 out now

Last week we released a few updates and to Oort Online, including the first release of crafting. Here’s what was added:

Release 100 changelog:
New Features:

  • Added prototype Crafting GUI. This is not the final GUI (we have a much nicer one on the way). Throw in ingredients and discover crafting recipes and the new block types! Press E to open and close the crafting GUI.
  • Added a placeholder tool tip to backpack items.
  • Resized backpack from 4×8 to 5×5 slots.
  • Increased max slot size from 50 to 99.
  • Players now spawn without any items (but infinite blocks are still enabled).
  • Added Door blocks. Doors can be built up to 8 blocks high by stacking Door blocks. Right-click to open a door (this will also open double doors). Hold shift to place blocks on a door panel rather than open the door. The doors are using placeholder art for the moment.
  • Added Slab blocks. Slabs can be placed in either a high or low position (and 2 can be stacked on top of each other).
  • Added Step blocks. When steps are placed they always face towards the player (so the player could walk up them).
  • Added Heal block. If an entity is in contact with a Heal block they will slowly receive health.
  • Added Embers block. If an entity is in contact with a Embers block they will slowly lose health.
  • New block types and removal of old block types which will change the appearance of a few blocks, eg wood, in a few cases.
  • Added an advanced entity lighting option (default on) which will improve the accuracy of lighting on meshes like players/doors/torches as well as ensuring that things like multiple door panels tiled together will be lit smoothly when enabled.
  • Added more dense grass. The draw distance for the grass can be adjusted with a new “Foliage Quality” option (default high).
    • Removed long grass block, with length of grass now controlled by the grass block itself (This means you can place things like torches ‘in’ long grass like with water).
    • Added Grass Seed item type which can be used to add grass to dirt blocks, or increase the height of grass or change its color. Colors of dirt and grass can be freely mixed.
    • Breaking of grass changed so that the long-grass parts of the block will drop seeds based on the height, and breaking of the entire block dropping dirt.


  • Fix filtering in lower-mip levels for rendering, less jaggies and better filtering of further away textures.
  • Fix bug in fall damage calculations that allowed you to not receive any damage in some cases.
  • Fix local lighting looking incorrect sometime, eg Gortnen lamp pyramid.

Release 101 changelog:
New Features:

  • Changed “Respawn at Capital” and “Respawn at Home” to “Teleport to Capital” and “Teleport Home” (players no longer lose their items).


  • Fix memory leak causing some crashes.
  • Added more detail to the version string in the options menu.
  • Fix grappling bug when underwater and interacting with doors.