Game Update: Release Notes


Tag:72 – August 15, 2014

New Features:
* Improved responsiveness of world-editing including client-side prediction of edits.
* Add head bob option.
* Added friction property to ice – wheeeeeeee, slides.
* Added a bouncy block – boing, trampolines.
* Added softness to wool – flumph, softer landings.
* Added ability to make ice, bouncy block and wool blocks in the slope form.

* Switch to toggling with R instead of holding CTRL for placing slope blocks to avoid CTRL-W closing the tab.
* Firefox not creating lower level of detail meshes.
* Drowning when camera is above water-level (for flat water).
* Particles no longer pass through alpine_wood and stone_slab blocks.
* Don’t render water reflections when there is no visible water.
* When reflections are turned off render only the sky as the reflection.
* A case of entities vanished when moving through portals.
* Fixed glass texture.
* Pick axe now breaks cobblestone blocks.
* Fixed particles rendering at double speed when a portal is visible.
* Don’t render the crosshair when viewing the inventory, options or pause menu.

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