Game Update: Release Notes – 75 & 76


Tag:76 – September 3rd, 2014

* Fix a server crash due to inventory internal changes.
* Fix breaking blocks on server-side when moving mouse around after holding left mouse button.

Tag:75 – September 2nd, 2014

New Features:
* Added developer only protected areas for testing.
* Added PVP so that players can fight in dedicated areas on non-PVP worlds.
* Back-pack items will now be dropped as a single collectable instead of many to avoid
combat arenas being completely flooded everytime someone is killed.
* Range combat prototype:
* Projectiles and ray-cast bullets.
* Knock-back and damage on hits.
* Client side prediction of player’s own projectiles
* Full lag compensation for combat taking into account all clients’ latencies
* Reloading, cooldowns and weapon charging.
* Handgun:
– Ray-Cast fire. Fires bullets and shrapnel.
– Instant fire, left-mouse click will shoot weapon.
* Slingshot:
– Projectile fire. Fires shrapnel and pebbles.
– Charged fire, hold left-mouse to charge a longer shot, release to fire.
* Shrapnel does twice the damage, but has half the range and cannot bounce when fired as projectile.
* Pebbles can bounce off walls before hitting people.
* Drag ammo onto weapon to associate it. From that point on (if association is valid), that weapon
will reload that ammo type. Reloading will be automatic when reaching 0 on weapon, or can be
manually invoked with R. Note, whilst holding a weapon R will not toggle slopes.

* Fix for tools being able to stack.
* Fix for item counts not appearing for torches/apples.
* Prevent pressing quick-use buttons whilst outside of backpack.