Game Update: Release Notes – 77



New Features:
* Volumetric fog now takes into account block lighting, eg: yellow fog around yellow lights
when foggy enough to see the effect.
* Volumetric fog, HDR and Depth of Field now function entirely on the GPU. Each of the effects
is now far more accurate and detailed than the previous CPU based versions.
* Added toggle to options menu for volumetric fog and lens flare.
* Players now respawn randomly on the edge of the PvP beacons when you die inside them.
* Death camera! You can now still see what’s going on after you have died.
* Player cube model will now “fall over” once they are dead.
* Added a respawn button to the options menu (press O for options).
* Added option to change the render resolution to improve performance on high resolution devices.
* Added personal light source (visible only to the player) corresponding to the block type
selected in quick-use bar, i.e. equip torch and you get a flickering torch in your hand lighting
up the world. Effects all aspects of rendering including volumetric fog.

* Increased underwater breathing time to around 17 seconds.
* Don’t render beacon names when “Beacons Effects” option is set to OFF.
* Fix for client crashing when moving tools in the inventory.
* Improve rubber banding when frame rate is <= 15 fps.
* Fix for seeing lens-flare when underground.
* Fix for beacons not being included in the fog calculations.
* Fix for fog in reflections and portals. Fog is now consistent.
* Fix for HDR not accounting for portals, and for world being made super bright when looking into water.
* Fix for HDR not accounting for fog and particles.
* Fix for fog not updating when weather effects were disabled.
* Fix for artifacts of volumetric fog in caves.
* Check for necessary webgl features at start up to provide a meaningful error dialog to users.
* Fix entities underground being bright.
* Fix torches not casting much light.
* Fix back-sides of glass/leaves not being correctly lit.
* Go back to server menu if server disconnects whilst in death-cam mode.
* Various crash fixes for when server disconnects during play.