Game Update: Release Notes


Tag:71 – August 12, 2014
* Decreased world loading time and block placing time (optimized lighting calculations) – Decreases level of suck when loading stuff

* Decreased loading time (use typed array for the atlas texture data) – Things load faster, yay!

New Features:
* Purple developers – You can recognize the developers in game and pester them to fix things or suggest new features and improvements

Fixes: – Lots of block meshing fixes
* Vanishing chunks that reached high up in the world
* Blocks at 255 not rendering
* Fix for block lighting flashing during deltas
* Fixed players not being able to play the game if the last world they were on has been shutdown
* Fix for block lights causing WebWorker crash at the bottom of the world
* Fix for player not able to move at startup
* Fixed a cause of chunks not meshing

Fixes:  – Falling off very high places and dying a lot = bad
* Shift click doesn’t work all the time
* Not able to shift-walk to an edge and place a block on the side/underneath
* Blinded by fog at (259.27, 34,75, 615.58)
* Torches will float when you destroy terrain underneath them
* Difficult to move from land to water
* Portal meshing (other side not meshed)

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