News: Backer survey #3 highlights

Last week we completed the 3rd backer survey giving everyone who has backed the game on and purchased the game via Steam Early Access an opportunity to contribute and define Oort Online’s direction.

Firstly the next milestone goal. We have now unlocked the Creatures I goal and are already making progress towards it.


Why can’t I answer both?

Developing a game isn’t easy. It often requires us to answer some tough questions. For this survey we wanted to polarise opinion to help inform how much time we should invest in features where the effort can often go in different directions. Everyone would often love to answer “both!” but this isn’t always possible. Sometimes we need to make tough calls. Especially whilst we’re still getting the foundations of the game in place. Hard isn’t it?

But don’t fret. Development is rarely black and white. We will not be forced to pick exclusively between many of these different features. But the feedback from the responders will helps us focus the correct proportion of our efforts in the right direction.

The data we have collected below is already helping us make decisions when planning the current and future development. We can’t emphasise how valuable this data is.


Let us know in the comments if you have anything more to add.