Player requested character races

In the Vote#2 survey we wanted to playersource (is that a thing?) ideas for the character Races you would all love to play as. We often get requests lobbed at us on the forums and Twitter and so we thought it would make sense to poll everyone. Here are the answers helpfully rendered into an unhelpful format. The bigger the race name the more people voted for it.

Click for hi-res version

Click for hi-res version

We can hear it now “I WANT TO BE A BOX FOREVER!” If so, don’t worry, it’s tucked away in there – somewhere. The geniuses who answered “Shrub” and “The Pope” get special recognition for making us laugh the most.

It’s worth adding that these aren’t the final races selected for Oort Online before everyone flies off the handle. We’ll work on the races creatively alongside the race attributes.

Let us know what you think. Anything amazing missed out?

UPDATE: To confirm – these aren’t the races in the game. (We’re not making the Lord of the Rings here.) But maybe there is something to learn? A big group of players want to be “Cats”, why? Maybe there is something we can translate into Oort so that people who love cats and want to play as cats would instantly be satisfied with one of the races we offer.