Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?

A: Yes, it is possible to upgrade your package.

You need to pay the difference between your current package and the new package. Once we have confirmed the payment we will upgrade your purchase, tier and account. The new tier perks will be sent to you automatically once they’re available in the game.

Please send the money via PayPal directly to “webservices@turbulenz.biz”. This is our PayPal account.

As an example, if you’re upgrading from Adventurer to Wayfarer, then you need to pay $95 – $50 = $45.

Once you have made the payment please email the following details to us at boundless@turbulenz.com:

  1. The original tier and the new tier you are upgrading to.
  2. The PayPal transaction ID – to help us confirm the payment.
  3. The email address you used to register your Boundless account.
  4. Your Boundless username.

Please note that this is currently a manual process and the upgrade could take up to 24 hours. We will respond to your email confirming that the upgrade has been completed.