Q: I have a problem running the game, what should I do?

A: Boundless is currently pre-alpha and available via Steam Early Access. We’ve worked really hard to try and make sure that the game is stable but there will be some crashes and bumps along the way. But you can help us!

If the game is failing for you then you can help us resolve the issue by following the instructions below:

1. The game totally fails to even start 🙁

If nothing happens when you select “Play” then this is likely an installation issue. We recommend you:

  • Uninstall the game
  • Restart Steam
  • Reinstall the game

It is also possible that your machine is below our minimum specification. If your machine is below the minimum spec then it is extremely unlikely the game will work. To confirm this please do the following:

  • We need the debug logs (see below).
  • We also need your machine configuration (see below).

2. The game starts, I’m asked to sign in / create an account, but then it fails

Please do the following:

  • Send us the error message.
  • We need the debug logs (see below).

Possible solution: This is often because your machine or router is running a firewall and it is stopping the game from connecting to the game servers. Many users have been able to alter their firewall settings to allow the game to work. We’re also investigating making Boundless work more cleanly with Steam + Firewalls – so this tinkering isn’t required in the future.

3. The game starts, I can play, it’s AMAZING – but then it crashes!

Please do the following:

  1. We need the debug logs (see below).
  2. We also need your machine configuration (see below).
  3. We need a detailed description of what you were doing when the game failed. Is it reproducible, ie. does it always crashes when you do the same thing?

How to send your debug logs

The game generates debugging logs in following locations:

  • Mac OS X at /tmp/tblz_log.txt
  • Windows at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Boundless\boundless_log.txt

The log files will only be generated if the folder exists. If the folder does not exist then please create them and try again. These files might contain information about why the game is failing. Please send us these files.

On most versions of Windows %LOCALAPPDATA% is a hidden directory. To access the file you can type the path to the file directly into Windows Explorer.

Providing Crash Dumps

If the game crashes on Windows the game will write a crash dump file (.mdmp) to the same location as the debug logs. These provide details on exactly what crashed. For Steam users these will be automatically collected for analysis. However if you wish to provide more information then please send it to boundless@turbulenz.com along with the log and what you were doing.

Your machine configuration

Please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Operating system and exact version.
  • CPU and RAM.
  • Graphics card model name and video RAM.
  • Graphics driver version.
  • Your country and town, for example: France, Paris
  • Your Internet connect speed? (You can use this site to test your internet speed: speedtest.net)
  • Did you buy the game on playboundless.com or directly on Steam Early Access?
  • At what point does the game fail – please describe this carefully in steps, including any error messages. Including a screen shot would really help.

Report the issue on the forums

Please report issues and bugs on our forum, this way other users who are having the same issues will also be able to see the responses. https://forum.playboundless.com/c/support