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Oort Online has become… Boundless

Oort Online has become… Boundless Today we’re excited to announce that Oort Online has become Boundless! About

Update 112 Creatures, Characters (+ Q&A!)

So you might have noticed update 112 has been a while in the making, and that’s because

Video: First look at the chisel

Here’s a first look at our super-slick-slope-scupting-solution: the chisel!

Carousel – User Video 13

New Oort State of Mind – Squidgy

Announcing 102: Really beautiful voxels

Today we’re sharing what will be in release 102, and that it’s coming soon! We’ve previously mentioned

Crafting prototype and more. Release 100 / 101 out now

Last week we released a few updates and to Oort Online, including the first release of crafting.

Introducing the new Oort Online Community

We’ve launched a new Oort Online Community site to replace the old forum. It’s going to be

Monuments I

Discover and explore procedurally generated monuments and structures.

National Doodle Day: Oort Online original sketches!

It’s National Doodle Day, helping raise awareness for Epilepsy Action. Here’s our contribution, some of the original sketches

Video: First look at character races and abilities

Here’s a first (super early) look at the current prototype for different character races and abilities coming