Inverted Slopes Update. Release 110

New Features:

  • Added inverted slopes. To create an inverted slope use the chisel on the bottom of a slope block.
  • Improvements (subject to tweaks) made to the physics, adding ‘proper’ swimming (player will make individual strokes, faster if double tapping W for ‘running’ instead of moving at a constant speed), and smoothing of user input so that when you press and let go of a movement key (or pad stick) the player will smoothly start and stop moving in that direction to make the input feel more fluid (creeping will still prevent you from going off cliffs).


  • Improve meshing speed by 10-20%.
  • Fix visible holes where chunks were not rendering.
  • Fix for selection box not exactly matching blocks.
  • Wooden axe now breaks bounce pad blocks faster.
  • Fix for water flowing through the bottom/top face of slabs and hatch doors.
  • Fix for players sometimes respawning in the air (and then dying).