Posts by tzdavefooks:

Lighting changes and bug fixes. Release 113

New Features: Block lights now have a quadratic falloff, and have their luminance and spread reduced when

Hotfix. Release 111

Fixes: Fix for some lighting bugs on inverted slopes and wedge shapes. Fix for block breaking effect

Hotfix. Release 110.8

Fixes: Fix for shader compiling errors on some GPU’s causing no blocks to render. Fix grappling hook

Inverted Slopes Update. Release 110

New Features: Added inverted slopes. To create an inverted slope use the chisel on the bottom of

Charger Creature Update. Release 109

New Features: Added a new creature type. These rare aggressive creatures will chase you and charge at

The Chisel update. Release 108

New Features: Added the Chisel tool. The Chisel can be used to knock out corners from slope

Lava flow update. Release 107

New Features: Lava flow simulation. Sped up portal loading and render an empty portal while connecting to

World Builder Update. Release 105

Fixes: Changed the wall, door and hatch placement. Now the direction is determined by the direction of

Walls, doors and hatches placement update. Release 104

Release: 104 – Walls, doors and hatches placement New Features: Walls and doors can now be placed

Walls update. Release 103

Release: 103 – Walls New Features: Added walls. Walls are always placed facing the player on the