Game Update: Release Notes – 97

Release: 97 – 64-bit version
New Features:
* 64-bit build improves performance and fixes some crashes.
* Torches can now be placed on walls.
* Fix for crashing after playing for a long time.
* Fix texture on sides of slopes being distorted in all cases, instead of just on grass trims.
* Fix steam client rendering stacked grass trims in all cases, now consistent with web version.
* Fix for chunk loading taking a long time after respawning.
* Fix for downloading some chunks twice after respawning.
* Fix for bug causing missing chunks.
* Improved toolchain for optimizations.

The new location for the error log on Windows is: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Boundless\boundless_log.txt

On most versions of Windows %LOCALAPPDATA% is a hidden directory. To access the file you can type the path directly into Windows Explorer.