Lighting changes and bug fixes. Release 113

New Features:

  • Block lights now have a quadratic falloff, and have their luminance and spread reduced when crowded by other blocks to give a much more realistic lighting feel.
  • Added Field Of View to Graphics Options.
  • Added (non-developer) /setbuilderip command to chat so users running world builder on a different machine can still connect to it (eg: /setbuilderip It uses TCP port 8903.


  • Fix for quick-use and backpack GUI numbers going transparent.
  • Fix for crafted sticks not stacking with sticks already in the inventory.
  • Hide the health bar when using screenshot mode.
  • Fix for error when entity does not exist on client.
  • Removed over-exposure in specular reflections leading to gleam being washed out to white when crowded together.
  • Fixed lighting inconsistency at LOD transitions removing the visible dark bands at transition points (does not affect liquid LOD transitions).