News: Backer survey #1 highlights

Last week we sent out the 1st backer survey giving everyone who had already backed the game an opportunity to contribute and define it’s direction.

The first part of the survey was to select the next feature milestone and this was announced as Crafting I. We’re now well on our way to funding this feature. The survey also covered more generic questions about you as a gamer and your ambitions for the game. We’re going to continue iterating these surveys to continuously refine what everyone wants, so if you’ve only just backed the game – don’t worry – your voice will soon be heard. The next survey will be sent out towards the end of the current feature milestone.

We want to share some of the survey results that capture the game people want.

Firstly and most importantly – what features of Oort Online are you most excited for? This list will be the starting point for us iterating the future milestones. There are some clear interests and clear dislikes for the current backers. We will soon update the future milestones to capture the items you’re most excited for. Don’t worry if your favourite features is towards the bottom of the league, just make sure you vote for it next time and get on the forums now to start campaigning for them.

Oort Online - Feature preference

We also wanted to understand who you wanted to play with and how you wanted to play with them. This is really important stuff to make sure we’re accommodating everyone into the game. In general there is a clear demand for playing together – so we’ll be amping up the MMO features. (You’ll still be able to play solo and have your own world – so don’t stress! See our posts on the forums if you’re concerned.)

Oort Online - Who with preference

Oort Online - Play preference

Then finally, we wanted to make sure we’re providing backers with cool and interesting videos. This question will help us focus on the content that you most want to see.

Oort Online - Video preference

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Your voice has been heard and we’ll be tweaking, bending, adjusting, hammering, and iterating all our plans accordingly. Don’t worry, we’ll still have our own input, but it’s great to get confirmation that the Oort Online players want the same things we do.

Lookout for the next survey and we’ll keep making Oort Online more awesome.