Textures update. Release 102

Release: 102 – Textures update

New Features:

  • Added new textures (with normal, specular and emissive maps) for most blocks, with multiple tiling styles in case where there are more than one texture per-block.
  • Added env-map reflections to specular portions of blocks (not a true reflection of world, just for extra detailing).
  • Added texture blends between natural blocks (grass onto dirt, dirt onto stone etc) and shaded blends on certain block types like lamps against natural blocks that allow for much more seamless visual transitions between blocks.
  • Added new texture for grass, and added additional tree foliage decorating leaf blocks in the near-ground.
  • Added additional performance control to options to disable normal/specular/emissive mapping whilst keeping per-pixel lighting.
  • Gleam crystals have different light colors.
  • Up chat distance to 100m.
  • Added rotation to certain block types, these blocks can now be placed on their sides in one of two extra directions and is controlled by what surface you place the block onto: Place it on the ground, and it sticks up out of the ground (default orientation), place it onto a wall and it sticks out of that wall (on it’s side). Note that this only affects the texturing of the block, not its physical characteristics. In the case of block types like Stone which are textured in columns, when placed on their side they will be textured as rows instead.
    • Clay Bricks
    • Stone
    • Stone Chunks
    • Stone Bricks
    • Stone Glyph Bricks
    • Granite
    • Twisted Trunk
    • Ancient Trunk
    • Twisted Timber
    • Twisted Timber Slabs
    • Ancient Timber
    • Ancient Timber Slabs
  • Tweaks made to sun/god-rays/lens-flare brightness and colours to better match new textures and color palettes.
  • Tweaks made to sky/cloud brightnesses and HDR to keep world lighting more normalized and remove a previous HDR hack which led to inconsistent lighting when stood in a light/dark area looking at the same scenery.
  • Added new model for doors. The new model shows the axis of rotation so you might find that you need to rebuild some doors.
  • Added trap door block. Trap doors can be placed in a high or low position (like slabs). Trap doors can be created up to 2 wide and 8 deep and like doors they can be paired to open and close together.


  • Fixed a bug where 3 doors could open with one click. Players will probably need to destroy and rebuild any old double doors in order to get them to open together.
  • Stairs are now consistently textured so that they look the same regardless of their direction.
  • Fix a rare bug to do with inventory.
  • Fix for a lighting bug on water.
  • Fix a bug in HDR lighting for non-ATI graphics card.