World Builder Update. Release 105


  • Changed the wall, door and hatch placement. Now the direction is determined by the direction of the player and the near or far side is determined by the side selected.
  • Fix for 2 right axis doors opening together.
  • Discovery server change to support trailblazer backer titles in the future.

World Builder New Features (Collector’s Edition only):

  • Block type migrations inline with recent changes to Oort game itself. (Some block types removed, the rest renamed).
  • World color palette changes inline with recent changes to Oort game itself.
  • Long grass changes inline with recent changes to Oort game itself, Long grass is no longer done as a decoration, but is instead done by specifying a GRASS substrate, which opens up additional UI for specifying its metadata noise that decides grass length, in addition to this there are new views in voxel visualisations to visualise the height of foliage in the world by colour. Note that you will no longer get grass automatically on-top of dirt by having dirt substrates, this is done by using grass substrates. Wherever possible the config migration should deal with these changes in the most natural way.
    • Surprise!
    • The world builder now produces worlds which will wrap perfectly (Note that the game itself does not yet support wrapping worlds, but this is a first step towards that goal).
    • Wrapping worlds have their size in chunks set in the base world node and generate worlds that are completely seamless.
    • This change has a large impact on the way that noise functions work, the biggest one as far as users are concerned being that the frequency of noise functions is now discretized (Changes on frequency sliders will in general, have no effect on the output of the noise function whatsoever until it gets to a sufficiently different value that allows the noise function to wrap).
    • An additional change, is that the cellular noise functions are no longer rotate-able as this prevents them from being able to wrap.
    • Visualisation UI’s have now changed so that the visualisation size is clamped to be no larger than the size of the world (As this would be totally pointless beyond demonstrating that the do, infact, wrap). However, to help prove the point that the worlds do now infact wrap, the visualisations have an extra check box above the generation size ‘lift limits’ which will let you force it to generate a region larger than the size of the world if the world is small enough to see it wrapping.
  • Image noise node:
    • Image noise node lets you import a png image to the world builder to be used as the noise value, this png image is embedded in the world config file and can be exported back out if necessary (The world builder will convert to grey scale itself) so that the config files remain trivial to distribute and share and that changes to an image will not adversely affect any existing worlds using an old version of the image.
    • Image noise can be nearest, bilinear, or bicubic sampled.
    • The image will, by default, be sampled so that 1m of the world is 1px of the image, the node is intended for use in such things as providing a base, realistic heightmap as part of a biome’s definition.
    • As part of the wrapping world feature, the image will be stretched if necessary to enforce that the borders of the image match up with the borders of the world size so that as long as the image itself wraps, the world generated with it will also wrap.

World Builder Fixes:

  • Fix behaviour of noise functions like cave/distorted/3d when applied to singular biomes instead of the whole world. This may have an effect on your worlds if you’ve unknowingly worked around the bug.
  • Fix some GPU memory leaks in visualisations.
  • Add work arounds to some shaders that caused issues on older Intel drivers.
  • Fix many cases of trying to visualise incomplete noise graphs leading to dialog pop-ups on windows about ‘editor.exe has stopped working’.