News: Backer survey #4 highlights

The next milestone goal is live: Character Progression I.

Below is the vote response to the milestone goal in Survey #4.


Why can’t I answer both? Redux.

We found the answers to Survey #3 really helpful. So we’ve continued with this style of questioning in Survey #4 – so sorry for the pain. Polarising opinion really helps force people to decide which perspective is most important for them. Whilst “both!” isn’t an available answer it doesn’t mean that we can’t deliver some form of hybrid that has the correct balance to reflect player sentiment.

It’s also worth adding that we don’t blindly follow the answers submitted. Rather they form an additional tool to help give input on design and development decisions. What do we think? What does the community think? What are other games doing? What do we think is bold, brave and amazing?

You can also checkout the results from Survey #3, Survey #2 and Survey #1.

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