News: Backer survey #4 highlights

The next milestone goal is live: Character Progression I. Below is the vote response to the milestone

The Chisel update. Release 108

New Features: Added the Chisel tool. The Chisel can be used to knock out corners from slope

Video: First look at the chisel

Here’s a first look at our super-slick-slope-scupting-solution: the chisel!

Lava flow update. Release 107

New Features: Lava flow simulation. Sped up portal loading and render an empty portal while connecting to

Hot fix. Release 106.2

Fixes: Fix for server crash when incorrect ammo type is associated with weapon

Bow & Arrow and Ambient Creature Update. Release 106

New Features: Added our first creature type. These creatures can be found wandering around in the wild

World Builder Update. Release 105

Fixes: Changed the wall, door and hatch placement. Now the direction is determined by the direction of

Walls, doors and hatches placement update. Release 104

Release: 104 – Walls, doors and hatches placement New Features: Walls and doors can now be placed

Walls update. Release 103

Release: 103 – Walls New Features: Added walls. Walls are always placed facing the player on the

Textures update. Release 102

Release: 102 – Textures update New Features: Added new textures (with normal, specular and emissive maps) for